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Hello Summer! - Tips to stay pain free this summer

With Summer just around the corner many of you are hitting the gym a lot more, or taking up new activities in order to get ‘summer ready’ – Were so glad that your all getting active – However, if your overdoing it a bit too much, you might be noticing those aches and pains more than usual! If this is the case then get yourself booked in for a check up with the Chiropractor, or book in for a Massage to reduce stress and muscular tension

Top tips for Summer

Remember to warm up – if you’re hitting the gym or just back garden, gentle stretching beforehand can help limber up those joints and muscles, ready for the digging, swinging, lifting or whatever your about to do.

Don’t forget rest days – If your working out more, rest is important so that your muscles can recover. Do something lighter that day, like going for a walk, or taking a swim.

Drink plenty of water – Dehydration is more likely in summer. And remember, once you feel thirsty, you’re already starting to dehydrate! This affects your physical functioning an energy levels, it also increases the likelihood of muscular strains, so make sure your drinking enough for your activity levels

If you’re going on holiday try to pack light hand luggage (ideally a back pack with 2 straps) and use a suitcase that you can pull along – nobody wants to start their holiday with a muscle strain!

Treat injuries quickly – If you experience pain during your summer activities, Ice the area to reduce swelling and inflammation – If the problem persists, seek professional advice. It’s always best to deal with things sooner rather than later.

Get outdoors in the sunshine as much as possible, ideally in shorts and t-shirt. Why shorts and t-shirts you ask? This is because your skin reacts to the sunlight and makes Vitamin D. Unfortunately, in the UK many of us are not getting enough due to the lack of sunny days. Vitamin D is so important (I could write a whole blog about that, but will keep it short for now) when you have low levels you can suffer with fatigue, muscle aches, back pain, depression and more! So, get out in the Sunshine when it’s around!

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