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Could Chiropractic Care help You Manage Fibromyalgia Symptoms?

To put it simply, yes, chiropractic care could help you, which is great news!

Various studies and patient experiences have shown that chiropractic care is helpful in managing some of the symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia. Chiropractic care is tailored to the person that is being treated. For example, for those that are very sensitive to touch/pressure, treatments can be done in a very gentle way, to minimise after treatment soreness.

The key benefits of chiropractic care for Fibromyalgia are:


  • Decreased pain: Chiropractic adjustments help to reduce joint restrictions, and many chiropractors include soft tissue treatments alongside this. Relaxing muscles and reducing joint restrictions can lead to decreased pain and discomfort throughout the body.


  • Improved sleep quality: Chiropractic treatment can help to reduce pain which can promote a more restful and comfortable sleep. Many clients often comment their sleep improves a lot after starting treatment!



  • Safe and non-invasive treatment: Chiropractic care offers a safe alternative to prescription medications. Choosing to manage your condition this way helps to avoid any potential side-effects, and dependency issues from long term medication use.


  • It's Person Centered and Empowering: Engaging in chiropractic care can empower clients and give them an active role in their treatment and management of Fibromyalgia.


If chronic pain is getting in the way of your life, it’s definitely worth trying some manual treatment 😊

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